My experiences with sexual abuse and harassment


I’m writing this without the intention of clicking publish. I think because whenever I imagine publishing something like this, I get shy, and worried, and afraid. I become anxious and wonder if anyone would believe me. If people would blame me. How it might impact other people’s lives. But I think I need to write it. For me, and maybe for other people, if I ever click publish.

The main reason I’m inspired to write this is because of the continuing coverage of Dr. Ford, and all she has gone through to share her story of what happened to her at age 15. A potential supreme court justice assaulted her as a teenager. I believe her. And if I can believe her, hopefully, other people will believe me. Continue Reading

Life Right Now – Going at Different Speeds

Going at different speeds

(Photo Credit: Lara Salvo with Vienna Hayden // @ViennaHayden)

It’s been a wild few months. Thanks to listening to some really inspiring audiobooks (I promise I’ll share them all here soon) and generally finding myself again, I’ve been doing some really cool stuff in personal life and the blogging world. If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve revamped my YouTube channel with some gorgeous channel art, and I’m really enjoying the content I’m making over there. I’ve also been really enjoying the content that I’ve been making here.

But I realized that my blog is starting to feel very… curated. I am writing interesting, useful articles that are great for Pinterest sharing. I’m making fun, educational videos. But I’m not feeling like the real me is showing up on here. I mean, my tone is still me. The writing is still me. But I haven’t felt like I’m really sharing what’s going on, our normal life struggles or day to day life stuff. So, here it is – a personal update. Continue Reading

3 Tips for Reading to Your Kid

3 Tips for Reading to Your Kid

(Photo credit: Lauren Iwen with Lauren Iwen Photography // @LaurenIwen)

The benefits of reading to your kid for 10+ minutes every day abound. There’s been a ton of research into this topic, but one of the clearest indicators for me was this study into kids read to between ages 4-5. When parents read to these kids for 3-5 days per week it was equivalent to the child being 6 months older in development, and reading to them 6-7 days a week pushed that to being a year ahead in development. Children are more likely to succeed in school, be able to spell their names sooner and even count to 20 earlier. But, only a little over half of the population reads to their kids every day.

I know that we all set out with the best intentions. We want to give our kids the best chances in life, but sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to do that. Reading to your kid is guaranteed to help them, but how do you even start? Here are my top 3 tips for reading to your kid, but you can get even more advice with more detail for any age by signing up for my newsletter – you’ll get a free printable with more information and advice for reading to your kid at any age. Continue Reading

Halo Review – Power bank the sun and charge all the things

Halo Review - Power bank the sun and charge all the things

I’m lucky to work from home. Yes, it means that I can wear comfy clothes and get whatever I like for lunch. Also, it means that I’m always near a power source, which is vital with a phone that never lasts the whole day.

Back in SA, and when I’d travel or whatnot, I had a whole collection of power banks. I’ve had branded ones, gorgeous pink ones that only worked with iPhones, etc. So when the team behind Halo asked if I was interested in reviewing their power bank, of course I jumped at the chance.  Continue Reading

5 ways I’ve put my kid in danger in the car – You might have, too

5 ways I've put my kid in danger in the car - You might have, too

Two years ago, I joined up with #CarseatFullstop. I was inspired by Mandy’s passion for the project and wanted to help save a kid’s life. I figured that parents just didn’t know better. You know, like I obviously already did.

Harley always rode in a car seat. ALWAYS. But part of being in this campaign means that I’ve learned even more. I thought that I was always doing everything needed to keep Harley safe, but I was actually wrong. I’ve done a number of things that could have been catastrophic. I’m not telling you this as some form of guilty self-flagellation, but to hopefully help you to not make the same mistakes that I have. Continue Reading